Why we use Zeigler Feeds

Why we use Zeigler Feeds

Here at Rodents on the Road we are constantly researching new and better ways to insure that our feeder rodents are top quality. This research is what has leaded us to be a distributor for Zeigler feed.

After several months of rigorous feed test with several types of feed we came to the conclusion that Zeiglerís feed was far superior. Even though the ingredients used are identical to other companies, the quality of the ingredients is what makes the difference.

Since we have switch exclusively to Zeigler we have had a 20% increase in our rat production. We are able to wean rats two days earlier and get our females back to breeding sooner. No other feed has been able to accomplish this to date. Zieglerís team of nutritionist has worked with us along the way and we have developed a production rate and growth weight calculator from the data that we recorded here at Rodents on the Road.

We all know that ďyou are what you eatĒ. We feed our rodents the best so that you can feed your reptiles the best. Take the challenge and try Zeigler feeds. We carry rodent diets as well as a full line of Zeiglerís Monster Diets for reptiles.


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