Rats Versus Mice for Snake Food

Rats Versus Mice for Snake Food:

This is basically preference. In my personal opinion when a snake is going to be large enough to consume a rat, then feed rats. Most snakes as babies will not be large enough to eat rats. Most people start off using mice and then switch over to rats as soon as they are able. I have seen studies that say rats have better nutrients than mice or that rats become too fatty. It depends on where the animal comes from and what they would eat in nature. Make sure when you buy rodents, mice or rats, that they are fed a rodent diet and not dog or pig food.

You must take into account how big your snake is going to become. You do not want to feed a large boa or python 20 mice a week when you could feed one rat. You might say Iím exaggerating, but think about it. You consider how much money you are going to spend and how much gram weight you are getting for your money.


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